D.O.B. 3rd October 2010
(New Fragrance Do Vale Carvoeiro at Aurichalcum x Hurwyn I Heard A Rumour)
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Lola winning the RESERVE BITCH TICKET at Manchester January 2014 under Becky Johnson (Downstream)

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Lola winning BEST IN SHOW at Mid Somerset August 2013 BIS judge Catherine Hebbron-Moffat.

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Lola winning BEST IN SHOW at Hampshire Gundog March 2012 under David Coode (Warringah).
Photo by Catherine Jackson

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Lola winning BEST IN SHOW at SouthWestern Gundog October 2012 under Keith Groom (Grunjagen).
Photo by Charlotte Rivett

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South Western Gundog with Best in Show judge Mr Keith Groom
Photo: Keith Groom

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Winning the Gundog Group at Westbury September 2012
Photo: John Hubble

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Winning BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at Bowood June 2011

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Lola on the move at Crufts March 2014.
Photo by Natalija Jentkiene

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Lola on the move at Poole Open June 2013.
Photo by Sami Bull

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Lola aged 6 weeks

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Watching the birds aged 11.5 weeks old.

Aged 4 months old.

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Lola aged 5 months.

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Photo taken at Three Counties Champ Show where Lola won the Pro Plan Puppy Stakes Gundog Day. Aged 8 months.

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Taken at Monmouth Open Show where Lola won the last point for her J.W. along with PG1 . Aged 10 months.
Photo by Glennphotos.

New Fragrance Do Vale Carvoiero at Aurichalcum (Imp Prt) Franzini Luis Eur/Int/It Ch Brek
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Absolut Beegg Do Monte Carlo
Hurwyn I Heard A Rumour Shanandi Sheer Delight Hurwyn Black Jack of Shanandi
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